2023 ECNL Girls Regional Finals: Players to Watch

The upcoming ECNL Regional Finals promise to be a captivating event, with an incredible amplitude of great players set to showcase their talents. As teams from various regions gather for this highly anticipated competition, fans can expect to witness an extraordinary display of skill, athleticism, and determination. The tournament will bring together some of the most talented young soccer players in the region, each vying for victory and the opportunity to make a lasting impression on scouts and college coaches in attendance.

Jul 9, 2023 - 15:10
Jul 13, 2023 - 22:53

Sariah Mullens ('25) | Forward

Sariah Mullens, FC Dallas RL G06's center forward, brings a wealth of skills and strategic value to the squad. With her exceptional hold-up play and strong connection with the midfielders, she plays a pivotal role in facilitating the team's offensive efforts. Sariah's ability to retain possession and bring her teammates into play allows for increased numbers in the attacking third. Moreover, her remarkable speed enables her to stretch the opponent's backline, creating valuable opportunities in behind their defensive line.

Kendra Santiago ('25) | Forward

Kendra Santiago, a physical and fast center forward for Scorpions SC RL G07, played a significant role in the team's success at the ECNL Northeast Regional playoffs. With her athleticism and speed, Kendra brought a dynamic element to the team's gameplay, constantly keeping opponents on their toes. Her speed and physically makes her a major threat that opponents have to adjust to. Kendra's presence not only creates scoring opportunities for herself but also opens up space and opportunities for her teammates. 

Abby Costa ('25) | Midfielder

Abby Costa, who plays for Scorpions SC RL G07, embodies the qualities of a prototypical #10 on the field. With her great technical skills and playmaking abilities, she becomes the creative force behind the team's attacking plays. Abby's vision and understanding of the game allow her to make accurate passes and set up scoring opportunities for her teammates. Moreover, Abby's contribution to the score sheet is undeniable, as she not only finds the back of the net herself but also sets up her teammates with crucial assists

Emma Gavin ('25) | Defender

Emma Gavin, a versatile player for Scorpions SC RL G07, makes valuable contributions both as a center back and holding midfielder. Emma's  speed and aerial abilities make her a force to be reckoned with in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game. Her ability to win aerial duels consistently provides a crucial advantage to the team, particularly in defensive situations and set-piece opportunities. Additionally, Emma's exceptional defensive instincts and ability to defend space behind the backline allow the team to confidently push forward and maintain a higher defensive line. Her ability to contribute with goals in these situations showcases her impact in both the defensive and offensive aspects of the game.

Kayla Frazier ('24) | Defender

#8 Kayla Frazier, a defender for FC Dayton ECNL Regional G06, is an exceptional player who possesses a range of skills and attributes that contribute to her effectiveness on the field. Her technical abilities, vision, and game intelligence make her a well-rounded and formidable defender. Her high level of technical skill allows her to maintain control of the ball and make accurate passes, contributing to the team's overall game. Additionally, Kayla's speed, strength, and defensive instincts make her a valuable asset when it comes to thwarting opposing attacks

Kendi Smith ('25) | Midfielder

Kendi Smith, representing FC Dallas RL G07, is a dynamic force in the midfield. Serving as the engine of the team, Kendi possesses the remarkable skill set required to disrupt the opponent's advances and swiftly initiate counter-attacks. With exceptional athleticism, she excels at unleashing powerful shots from long range and is equally adept at heading the ball, contributing valuable goals from set pieces and crosses. Kendi's versatility and all-around abilities make her an invaluable asset to the team's success in dominating the midfield and impacting the game in multiple ways.

Emma Taylor ('25) | Midfielder

Emma Taylor, a key midfielder for FC Dallas RL G07. As a pivotal player, Emma showcases remarkable athleticism and serves as a vital component in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game. Her ability to anticipate and intercept opponents' attacks allows her to break up plays effectively, providing a solid foundation for the team's defensive structure. Additionally, Emma's versatility shines through her aptitude for scoring goals.

Elyse Hernandez ('25) | Forward

Elyse Hernandez, one of the players from Slammers FC RL G07, forms a dynamic duo upfront with her twin sister, Emma Hernandez. Their remarkable synergy and understanding enable them to excel in their attacking roles, particularly when it comes to scoring goals and taking on opponents in one-on-one situations. Her agility, technical proficiency, and instinct for finding the back of the net contribute significantly to the team's offensive success.

Emma Hernandez ('25) | Forward

Emma Hernandez, a key player for Slammers FC RL G07, forms a formidable partnership with her twin sister, Elyse Hernandez, in the team's attacking line. Emma's exceptional skills and abilities around the goal, coupled with her impressive one-on-one aptitude, make her a formidable threat to opposing defenses. With her sharp instincts and ability to create scoring opportunities, Emma plays a crucial role in unlocking defenses and providing a consistent goal-scoring threat for her team.

Julia Mosikian ('25) | Goalkeeper

Julia Mosikian, the talented goalkeeper for Slammers FC RL G07, stands out not only for her shot-stopping abilities but also for her vocal presence and leadership on the field. As a vocal goalkeeper, Julia takes charge of organizing the team's defense, effectively communicating with her back line to ensure a well-coordinated and cohesive defensive unit.

Kayla Knoob ('24) | Midfielder

Kayla Knoob, a standout player for Slammers FC RL G06, brings a high level of creativity and flair to the team. Known for her craftiness on the field, Kayla's skills and style of play make her an exciting player to watch. Every time she possesses the ball she produces something extraordinary. With her technical ability, quick thinking, and exceptional ball control, Kayla has the innate ability to create moments of magic on the pitch.

Kennedy Cole ('24) | Defender

Kennedy Cole, a remarkable player for Slammers FC RL G06, stands out as one of the finest 1 v 1 defenders in the country. With an unwavering commitment to her defensive duties, Kennedy consistently delivers exceptional performances on the field. Known for her unwavering consistency, she never has a subpar game, showcasing her dedication and discipline.

Maya Justice ('25) | Forward

Maya Justice, a standout player for GTFC Impact RL G07, is the driving force behind their offensive success. With her exceptional talent and skill, Maya has become the catalyst for the team's attacking prowess. Her ability to read the game and create scoring opportunities makes her a constant threat to opposing defenses. Maya's knack for scoring crucial goals in key moments demonstrates her ability to rise to the occasion and deliver when it matters most.

Mariel Caputo ('25) | Defender

GTFC Impact RL G07's Mariel Caputo brings immense value to the team as an attacking outside back. Known for her exceptional skills and strategic awareness, Mariel excels in creating overloads during crucial moments of the game. Whether it's through her well-timed overlapping runs or precise crosses into the box, she consistently puts pressure on opposing defenses and adds an extra dimension to her team's attacking play.

Hannah Mayse ('24) | Midfielder

#14 Hannah Mayse is a vital component of FC Dayton RL G06's success. She showcases exceptional skills and attributes that greatly contribute to the team's performance. One of her key strengths lies in her ability to control the tempo of the game, dictating the pace at which her team plays. With her excellent ball control and decision-making abilities, Hannah serves as the driving force behind the team's strong possession game. Defensively, she covers a significant amount of ground, working tirelessly to prevent opponent counter-attacks and disrupt their attacking play.

Baylee Williams ('25) | Forward

#13 Baylee Williams is a standout player for FC Dayton RL G06, known for her exceptional attributes. As a winger, Baylee possesses remarkable pace, strength, and skill, making her a formidable force on the field. Her abilities are crucial in the team's strategy to break down opponents' defenses. With her impressive dribbling and running abilities, Baylee consistently poses a threat and creates scoring opportunities for her team. She fearlessly takes on opponents, displaying bravery on the ball and exhibiting relentless pressing to regain possession.

Gracie de Haro ('25) | Forward

Gracie De Haro, a player for the NCFC Youth Elite RL G07 team, plays as both a loan forward and an attacking midfielder.She possesses the ability to hold the ball up and seamlessly combine with her teammates. Gracie's astute understanding of the game allows her to find and create space, making her an incredibly effective attacking player. She exhibits remarkable proficiency in getting on the end of crosses, demonstrating her keen anticipation and positioning. Moreover, her ability to create her own shot adds another dimension to her game.

Olivia Nels ('25) | Midfielder

Olivia Nels, a player for the NCFC Youth Elite RL G07 team, brings her exceptional skills as an attacking midfielder to the forefront. With her exceptional ability to navigate through pressure with the ball at her feet, Olivia serves as a key component in breaking down opposing defenses and creating opportunities for her team to move forward. Her adeptness at finding pockets of space and quickly turning on the ball allows her to break through lines of pressure, enabling the team to initiate their attacking play effectively

Ava Stevens ('25) | Midfielder

San Diego Surf G07 midfielder Ava Stevens is a game-changer on the field. With her exceptional skills and versatility, she not only has the ability to find the back of the net but also possesses the remarkable talent to control the tempo of the game. Ava's adds a valuable offensive dimension to the team with her goals, while her mastery in dictating the pace and flow of play showcases her strategic mindset and command over the game.