US Youth Soccer National League Partners with ProScore to Elevate Player Development and Analysis for the 2023-24 Season

The US Youth Soccer National League has unveiled an exciting collaboration with ProScore for the 2023-24 season, ushering in enhanced benefits for players and teams. ProScore's professional-level analysis and highlights platform will empower soccer enthusiasts with comprehensive game insights, personalized highlights, and streamlined recruitment processes

Aug 29, 2023 - 14:01
US Youth Soccer National League Partners with ProScore to Elevate Player Development and Analysis for the 2023-24 Season

In an exciting announcement, the US Youth Soccer National League has revealed a renewed partnership with ProScore, a cutting-edge professional-level analysis and highlights platform, aimed at enhancing the experience of teams and players for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

ProScore's innovative platform offers comprehensive game analysis, encompassing both on-ball and off-ball actions, providing coaches and players with invaluable insights to foster individual and team growth. This partnership, extending to teams and players in the 14U-19U age groups, promises to revolutionize the way soccer memories are preserved and elevate the recruitment process.

Elite 64 Clubs to Reap Auto-Generated Highlights and Personalized Profiles

For Elite 64 clubs, this partnership means access to auto-generated and downloadable team and player highlights for every game, including regular season matches, Elite 64 Playoffs, and National League P.R.O. With ProScore's Pro Profile feature, each Elite 64 player can enjoy personalized highlights tailored from various in-game actions. These clips, automatically sorted by action type, will also offer a customizable playlist of top overall actions, adding a layer of engagement for the players.

Moreover, ProScore's involvement in the Elite 64 Best XI for the 2023-24 season ensures a comprehensive and unbiased list of the standout boys and girls players in the 14U-19U age groups throughout the entire year.

Conference Playoffs to Benefit from Enhanced Analysis

Teams participating in the National League Conference Playoffs later this year will gain access to ProScore's highlights and analysis for all three games held in Orlando. This includes coverage for their National League P.R.O. event and the 2024 USYS National Championships, should they advance to those stages. Players on these Conference Playoff teams will be granted ProScore Pro Profiles with auto-generated individual highlights from each game, not only at the Playoffs but also at subsequent events.

Requirements and Contact Information

To leverage ProScore's analytical capabilities and create profiles for all players, teams need to provide up-to-date rosters and grant timely access to regular season game footage. For those interested in setting up their teams for the 2023-24 season, inquiries can be directed to

Positive Voices on the Partnership

National League Commissioner Simon Collins expressed optimism about the partnership's impact on youth soccer players. He noted, "The highlight clips and game analysis present coaches and players with a great tool for growth and learning, and it provides each player with a customizable profile where every positive in-game action is hosted and can be viewed by college coaches."

Mark Shields, Founder and CEO of ProScore, shared his enthusiasm, saying, "We look forward to analyzing thousands of competitive games across Elite 64, NL Conference Playoffs, NL P.R.O. and the National Championships, highlighting every significant moment to revolutionize performance analysis for teams, while immortalizing playing memories and transforming recruitment processes for the highly talented athletes."

Real-world testimonials also underline the positive impact of ProScore. Yassine Iguidre, Boys Director of Coaching for Coppermine SC, praised ProScore for simplifying the film breakdown process for parents and players. Peter Stahl, a parent from New York Premier FC, endorsed the platform's contribution to college soccer recruitment.

For more information on ProScore and to explore the existing match hub and player directory, visit With this partnership, the US Youth Soccer National League and ProScore are set to redefine player development and analysis within the youth soccer landscape for the 2023-24 season and beyond.